Moments of a lifetime that you can’t get anywhere else.

At GranFondo Vietnam, we offer you the chance to experience all the adventure, discovery, and challenge that Vietnam has to offer. Whether you want to ride through pristine gorges, along our beautiful coastlines, climb our hills for your KOM Challenge, or simply enjoy a home-made bowl of “Phở”, our tours are here to give you an authentic taste of our country.

A Closer Look at the Ultimate Cycling Experience …

Tailored Itineraries:
Our meticulously crafted routes take you through some of Vietnam’s most stunning scenery, from the lush green rice paddies and picturesque rural villages to the majestic mountain passes and pristine coastal roads. Each day offers a new and exciting challenge, making this tour a cyclist’s paradise. We pride ourselves on providing customized itineraries that cater to different preferences and skill levels. Whether you’re an avid cyclist seeking challenging routes or a leisure rider wanting to soak in the beauty of Vietnam at a more relaxed pace, our tours are designed to meet your specific needs.

Expert Guidance:
Our team of experienced guides and support staff are dedicated to ensuring your safety, comfort, and enjoyment throughout the entire journey. They possess an intimate knowledge of the terrain, culture, and hidden gems of Vietnam, making your trip smooth and hassle-free.

All-Inclusive Packages:
To make your experience stress-free and enjoyable, our cycling tours offer all-inclusive packages. This means your accommodation, meals, support, and transportation are taken care of, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the adventure without worrying about the logistics

Challenging Events:
For cyclists seeking an extra dose of adrenaline, we organize challenging events inspired by the “Granfondo” tradition. These timed races allow you to compete against others and yourself, pushing your limits and celebrating your achievements with fellow cyclists.

Supporting Local Causes:
Granfondo Vietnam Cycling Tours believes in giving back to the communities we visit. We collaborate with local organizations and initiatives to support education, healthcare, and environmental conservation projects, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the regions we explore.

Environmental Responsibility:
We are committed to sustainable tourism and reducing our impact on the environment. Our tours follow eco-friendly practices, and we encourage responsible cycling behavior, such as reducing waste and respecting wildlife and natural habitats.

Unforgettable Memories:
Above all, our aim is to create unforgettable memories that will stay with you long after the tour is over. The friendships forged, the breathtaking vistas, the triumphs achieved, and the cultural experiences gained make Granfondo Vietnam Cycling Tours a truly life-changing adventure.

Safety First:
Your safety is our top priority. Our tours are meticulously planned with a focus on minimizing risks and ensuring a secure cycling environment. Wearing a helmet is required on all our rides and is non-negotiable. We will not allow you to ride without one. It is therefore it is highly recommended that you take out travel insurance that will cover you for any unforeseen incidents. We also provide expert guides who are well-versed in handling various situations, and our support vehicles are always on standby to assist you throughout t he journey.

Recent reviews

  • Daan - Amsterdam
    "Most memorable was riding along the many beautiful coastlines. The meals especially dinners was a highlight of the trip. Having our bike cleaned and prepared for every ride was a treat – the mechanic was particularly helpful. The weather can be unpredictable – mainly downpours – so bring extra clothing for subsequent rides. Otherwise outstanding guidance when cycling in Vietnam. Highly recommend Granfondo"
  • Wesley - London
    "I have been living here for two years now and not really cycled outside of the city until now. Granfondo picks the best roads and ensures your safety comes first. So really care free riding. The accommodation selection and food is also good. More pricey than others but well worth the premium. "
  • Aat – Kuala Lumpur
    "I loved the rides, food, guidance and general great company ! Knowing that there is a support vehicle with guide is reassuring especially in new areas. Mechanical support means no fear of something going wrong with your bike. Will do it again!"
  • Steffi - Leeds
    "Their Staff especially Hoang and Tuyet were exceptional. Made all the difference."
  • Yee - Singapore
    "The wow factor of our Dalat trip was riding our bikes downhill for 90+km. Didn’t know that roads like this existed in Vietnam! "
  • Fred – London
    "It was a wonderful trip. The accommodations were good, not luxurious but more than I expected. The crew was excellent. They were always cheerful and efficient. The food was also good. Will come again. "
  • Ying Lee & Rob – Singapore
    "We have to say that Granfondo’s Saigon tour was hands down one of the best bike tours we've ever been on in Asia. If you're feeling hesitant, I have to say that it's honestly the best way to see a Vietnam’s beautiful coastline and culture. Hoang, who was our guide was extremely knowledgable about the places we cycled through and thoughtful enough to stop when we needed a rest. They guided us through some really cool parts of Phan Thiet and even took pictures for us in spectacular spots that my boyfriend and I wouldn't have found on our own. Not only was he a great host -- he did a fantastic job of checking in with everyone and making sure everyone felt comfortable on their bikes. We ate so much good food, cycled on some incredible roads... I only wish that we had the chance to do another bike ride with him! A+ rating from us here in Singapore. Hope to see you again next time Granfondo! I know we'll be back!""
  • Brandon - NYC
    "Perfect perfect perfect. This experience is highly recommended! It was the best way to visit a new country is definitely on two wheels ! The crew of Granfondo were awesome, super friendly, helpful, generous and great company. He really gave us a taste of how it is to live in Vietnam, it was a cultural immersion. When the experience ended, the mechanic was kind enough to clean and pack our bicycles for the trip home. All in all, we’re so glad we did it. Thanks team Granfondon and best of luck."
  • Katie - Singapore
    "My husband and I had a fantastic time cycling in Danang with Hoang. It was great to connect with a local who can take us to where the best roads are including tons of things we never would have seen while on our own. We tried a really delicious seafood dishes all washed down with local beer. Granfondo struck a great balance between providing a cycling challenge and leading the tour to places interest which taught us something new. The crew are easy to get along with and we genuinely enjoyed hanging out with them during our tour. They made sure we were fitted correctly to our bicycles before we set off and check in with us throughout the ride to make sure we were comfortable and the pace was working for us. Everything was seamless from start to finish. If you are thinking about cycling in Vietnam we can't recommend this experience with Granfondo enough!! Do it!"
  • Li Ping – Taipei
    "I did the Saigon tour with Granfondo which I booked in conjunction with my business trip to Ho Chi Minh. This was great, we had a guide called Hoang who managed to put me at ease with his experience and knowledge of riding in Vietnam. The group rode on some magical roads – challenging but rewarding. I am so glad we did this. There were a few parts of the route that less fit cyclist would struggle on but it really was worth it."
  • Quek – Kuala Lumpur
    "Really fun 3 days of cycling. Traveling by myself on a business trip, had a long weekend to explore and chose the 3 day Danang Tour. Granfondo was very professional, well organized and any hesitation on my part was put immediately to rest. There happened to be 9 people on the tour I attended. Hung was our tour guide was terrific. One the seven other attendees who were on the tour was a novice biker (unfortunately) but he was very patient. Ride can be challenging but they can tailor this depending on your riding skill. I will seek out more of their biking tours on future trips and glad I found such a quality company which understands cyclists."
  • Takahashi - Tokyo
    "Good service, friendly and safety. I enjoy very much the experience. Vietnam is beautiful place to ride. "
  • Yoke L - Singapore
    "This was a 4-day fully supported bike ride from Saigon to Pham Thiet with most days spent riding along the coast. There was an amazing natural spring resort which we cycled too. Great place to test you and your bike. Highly recommended!"
  • James – Manchester
    "I booked the Dalat tour with my cycling buddy. We was amongst a group of twelve cyclists and it was AMAZING!!! Each ride lasted was around 70 – 110km on average which meant around around 3 to 4 hours on the road. They always made sure that we avoided the main busy roads and chose the routes with least number of cars.
    The coastline routes are stunning, it’s reasonably quiet and the air is clean. I highly recommend it for those who want a getaway from a busy work environment and for some excitement and a once in a life time experience. Thank you Granfondo; for sure I will come back! :) "
  • Zelda - Munich
    "Vietnam can be a daunting place to ride – especially if you don’t speak the language or understand how things work. Our guide, Hoang, welcomed us and took us on a great 3 day adventure, but it is not for novice cyclist. The climbs can be challenging, crossed rivers on ferries, descents are fun but thrilling - You need to keep your wits when riding in Vietnam but there’s a great feel to the country and so I feel that a good guide is essential. Our three day adventure is not the cheapest – but it is the most performance road bike orientated tour with enough options to satisfy most cyclists - I’d say value for money with a friendly host. Reliable and highly recommended."
  • Eugene - Ireland
    "So much riding, good food and special places. I learnt about the culture and experienced riding in a place that I thought would be impossible to ride. Cycle with peace of mind with Granfondo. Value for money."