Ride on!


It used to be said the bicycle determined not only the success of a household in Vietnam, but the nation as a whole. During the Vietnam war, soldiers pedalled many supplies along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Nearly 40 years on, many of these bicycles have been replaced by motorbikes as prosperity and progress thrives. However, the popularity of road cycling is making a comeback as a recreational sport instead of commuting. This is evident not only in the number of locals cycling daily at the early hours of the morning, but the number of professional cycling events organised throughout the year. More and more visitors are coming to ride in Vietnam for a very good reason. There are amazing stretches of roads – many yet to be discovered, natural beauty, friendly hospitality and great food. These are all the reasons why Granfondo has been organising bespoke road cycling tours to share the uniqueness of cycling here to as many cyclists as we can. Because every ride should be special.